The Shay Rebellion | Christopher Shay

Announcement Time!

I received an email from Princeton in Asia. They’ve offered me a position at a daily paper—

—in Cambodia.

I’d already decided I was going to stay in Hong Kong. I was absolutely sure. I’d made great friends, had great experiences, and even had a roommate lined up. I wasn’t ready to leave.

But, a job as a reporter at the Phnom Penh Post is just too good of a career opportunity, too good of an adventure to pass up. Plus, I hear one can watch the Tonle Sap River change colors at sunset from one’s choice of beer gardens.

I’ll be sad to leave Hong Kong, but I’m looking forward to hosting couch-surfing visitors in Phnom Penh. See you in Cambodia!

Paralyzed by Choice

Sometimes before I’ve even admitted to myself that I’m stressed, I’ll get these sharp pains in my lower stomach, informing me that something is making me a little too anxious. I’ve gotten these pains since I was a kid, and they have always occurred when I’m all tensed up. Usually the stressor is obvious—Finals, break ups, middle school—but every now and again, I’m surprised when my belly informs me that I’m worrying too much.

A couple of days ago, I got one of those surprise stomach aches. Having too many amazing opportunities for next year was making me sick.

I had been trying to decide whether or not to continue with the Princeton-in-Asia program, and if I continued what positions I would apply for. I really don’t want to choose anything; I want to choose everything. I want to strengthen the fledgling Nepalese democracy and be an editor in Hong Kong. I want to be a newscaster in the Philippines and a staff writer in Cambodia. I also don’t want a job at all so I can devote myself to learning Chinese. In reality, every step in one direction is a step away from something else I want to do. I guess, for me, choice can be literally painful.

In the end, I decided I’m staying in Asia for another year and that I want to continue with Princeton-in-Asia. About what posts I want, I gave PiA a list of positions that I think are amazing.

I hope they’re not prone to stomach pains when they have to make a choice.