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Talk of the town

Despite (because of?) the fact that it’s poorly written, unconvincingly argued, and—judging by some egregious typos—not edited at all, this article has become the talk of the town, and by town I mean readers of the best website ever. The article focuses on the two topics that people seem to have the strongest opinions on: food and sex. Enjoy.

Addendum: George F. Will at the Washington Post’s take on Eberstadt’s article, and The New Republic’s response.

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  1. L says:

    Very interesting, thanks for sharing. To be discussed . . .

  2. Lucy says:

    How does someone take an interesting topic (or two) and turn it into something that boring. Why do Kant and Nietzsche need to get involved? I don’t think she is getting enough sex. Also hypothetical case studies annoy me.8o|

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