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There’s a new Foreign News Editor in town

As of 2009, I became the Phnom Penh Post’s foreign news editor. I only reluctantly took the position. It’s neat being an editor at a daily paper, and the position looks cool on a business card. But it means fewer journalistic adventures to drug hotspots, tropical islands, or city dumps. It means less writing and photographing.

I’ll be stuck at my desk reading the wires and deciding what people will read (or ignore) the next day. Without any reporters under me, it’s just me making the decisions and a couple of subeditors fixing my screw ups. No more waking up and wracking my brain for a story; no more losing sleep over how to structure an article, and definitely no more hour long lunch breaks.

In college, I procrastinated by reading the news, and—like all college students—I procrastinated a lot.

On the brightside, my new job means that—finally—I won’t have to feel guilty about spending all my time reading the news.

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  1. Greg says:

    very nice, dude. congrats!!!

    in other news, they are laying ppl off today. will let you know if that includes me.

  2. Brian says:

    Damn man, you’ve completely stolen the life I planned for myself before reality set in. First, you traveled to Asia to teach English (totally my idea), now you are a bigwig at a newspaper (also totally my idea first). I’m extraordinarily jealous, but I guess I can offer you some lukewarm congratulations too ;-)

  3. christina says:

    kudos, I am happy for you. :)

  4. Lucy says:

    Bigwig??? Also I thought most students like to ‘procrastinate’ by getting drunk and partying, not by reading the news… :) (I can’t put in a proper smiley face)

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