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First morning of 2009

The decision to release the two on bail and return the case to the appeals court for review was a particularly auspicious way to start the new year.—the US Embassy on the temporary release of Born Samnang and Sok Sam Oeun

Smiling, I stare at my flatmate, rub my eyes and blink slowly a few times.

It’s Friday
No, it Thursday.
It’s Thursday, 2009.

It’s important to establish these things in the morning.

We go to brunch to meet friends, and they don’t show up.
Adam orders well—his breakfast has mangoes and bacon.
I want to drink more coffee, but the place doesn’t have free refills.

The Big Night was a dance floor in a run-down colonial building called The Mansion.

Everybody was there. In Phnom Penh, everybody is everywhere you go.

It rained. We danced. It kept raining, and we kept dancing.

And then we ordered hot dogs.

Not a bad way to end 2008.

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