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O Fortuna!

Underneath a red awning and sitting next to a cage of fortune-telling birds, a man with speckled-grey hair stared at my face silently. Not knowing what else to do, I looked right into his eyes as he told me:

“You are not a lucky person. You have small ears.”

An old woman, who was feeding the birds behind the Kowloon fortune teller, smirked. I was stunned. This was not the fortune I’d imagined.

“Your youth will not be easy,” he continued as he judged my physiognomy. “You will struggle to succeed. But your ears are high up on your head so that means you’re clever. You would do well to make money for someone else. You’re a bad entrepreneur.

I can see in your deep eyes that you have an old and beautiful soul (remind me to use this line). But, your nose tells me that your forties will be hard; your forties are all in your nose (but not this one!). On the bright side, forty-five will be a good business year for you.

You have a straight mouth, which resembles the character for the number one. This means you’re very eloquent. You’re good with your mouth.

Still though, your fifties will be difficult. You have a big chin. Old age can be read in the chin, and starting in your late fifties, your life will get better. In your sixties, you can finally lay back and relax. The world will come to you, and you will be content.

You want to know about your love life? Well, this year will be lonely. However, 2008 and 2009 will be good years. Your best relationship will start off slow—with some real conflict. You won’t know it’s right in the beginning, but gradually, it will become better and better. Twenty-five will be a good year to take the relationship to the next step. The seeds will be there, but like a tree, you will need to feed it. You will do that. I can tell.”

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  1. chezshay says:

    Boy are you going to have to wait a long time to relax-like father, like son – like the dark backgrounds behing the pics better

  2. jaraya says:

    this isnt really connected to the blog, but i couldnt find i place to comment the photos. they are spectacular. it’s fantastic that you can keep such an amazing documentation of your trip – they definately transcend the normal tourist pics. i’m in awe.
    on the side, am so into patti smith right now. have you ever been into her much? horses is a fantastic album.
    you seem to have a pretty comprehensive life lined up for you, it’s just fantastic you can keep record of it with such great photos.

  3. Adam says:

    Hey Chris,

    I came to comment on the night pics, I especially liked the one with the blue tower. They’re great! Then I read “O Fortuna!” What an interesting fun experience. You write about it beautifully. I want to sit next to the fortune telling bird guy.

    After many many many hours searching for that perfect word press theme (you warned me it would be hard), I finally came up with something that meets my standards. Let me know what you think. I leave in three weeks for Rwanda and just might be ready.

    Also, can you send me your new email address?

    Cheers to new adventures!


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